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The Next Striker VR

A 7 Part Narrative VR 360 Series
Experience first hand what it’s like to be THE NEXT STRIKER.
Produced with the savvy people at Jumpgate VR and the awesome support of the Adelaide Strikers.
NOTE: If you are on a mobile device the best way to view the VR/360 experience is straight from the Youtube App. But if you are on desktop, click, drag and enjoy the real 360 viewing experience.
PART 1: The Opportunity 

The Strikers are selecting the final members of their squad. You keep working hard for your club, hoping for a call up to come.

PART 2 & 3: Media Day & First Training

With no time to soak it in you’re thrown into the thick of it as a NEW Adelaide Striker. You get your gear, get through media day and finally attend your first press conference.

You’ve proved yourself in front of the cameras and now it’s time to back that up on the track. The training is harder than you’d expect but you re-focus and and put in for your final net session.

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PART 4: On the Road

In the Squad of 13 you travel to Perth with the team to take on the Scorchers. You see what life on the road as a professional cricketer is like.

PARTS 5 & 6: The Mistake 

An injury has put you into the starting 11 and you get ready for your first game. Nerves and excitement take over as you run out onto the WACA for your first taste of BBL action.

Mistakes are hard to deal with but are as much a part of professional sport as the successes. With a word from an Australian Cricketing great you look to turn it around.

PART 7: The Final Match 

You’re recalled into the team. Now’s your chance to cement your spot.